About CD DVD Printing Company - The REDC Multimedia

REDC Multimedia is a South Australian company that provide a comprehensive range of CD Rom products and multimedia services.

We have the technical skills and professional experience to take material in a variety of different formats, integrate the data and produce content in a user-friendly format.

We are a South Australian company, we have a diverse range of clients including private companies, educational institutions, government departments and industry associations.

REDC products and services are internationally competitive as our products have been distributed in Australia and internationally by our clients in the export arena.

Why are we called RedC Multimedia?

REDC actually stands for Real Estate Display Centre, the company was established on the 31st July 1995. Many people would have visited us at our Anzac Highway office back then, where they used the Real Estate Display Centre system to search and view properties and relevant information using multimedia and internet technology.

Due to the increase usage of computers with CD Rom facilities, the Real Estate Display Centre expanded the multimedia concept to create other value-added services and therefore the name was changed to REDC Multimedia.

Product Expansion and Diversification

In 1997, REDC Multimedia offered small to medium size businesses in Adelaide the opportunity to participate in the CD Business Directory. REDC helped many small businesses to present their information and market their products and services in highly visual formats including graphics, sound and text.

Being a pro-active company, REDC introduced the CD Business Card in November 1998. Recognising the growing trends in CD application, REDC identified that the CD Business Card, which is a mini CD Rom in the size and shape of a business card, would be an excellent 'portable' information carrier in a most impressive package. Many companies have found it to be a powerful medium and continue to use the CD Business Card as their digital stationery.

REDC is constantly creating innovative solutions to meet clients needs. In year 2001, they created and trade-marked the CD NameBadge. REDC becomes the leader in the production of CD Namebadge from concept development to production. It is a mini CD that doubles up as an event name badge. Many conference organisers have used the CD NameBadge to hold speakers notes and conference proceedings.

We have the capacity to handle production of all types and sizes of CD Roms, ranging from the standard 12cm, 8cm, CD Business Card and CD Namebadge.

For enquiries please call REDC Multimedia on 08 8299 9599
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