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The Perfect Conference Companion!

The CD NameBadge™ is a versatile product that doubles as an event name badge and a mini CD Rom that can hold information and proceedings of any seminar or convention.

Participants/delegates at the conference can have individualised name and company printed directly to the surface of the CD. The CD NameBadge™ is inserted into a plastic sleeve that has a clip or pin affixing to a pocket or jacket - so you can wear it the same way you would with a normal name tag.

What can it store?

The CD NameBadge™ can store speakers' photographs, their profile/CV, speaker notes, contacts, power point presentations and other relevant information including a video. It can also have hyperlinks to the organiser and sponsor websites.

The CD card itself is the same size as a standard business card and can be played in the standard tray type PC CD player. The amount of information that can be stored is between 35-40 Mega Bytes, which can be in many multimedia formats including video + audio + text documents such as Microsoft Word or PDF's.

Great for International Delegates!

Imagine carrying 25 floppy disks worth of information in your pocket - with the CD NameBadge™, You Can!

Due to its small size but powerful capacity, it is the ideal conference companion for international conference delegates. They can carry with them all the knowledge on their CD NameBadge™ and not have to worry about finding space for packing!

The CD NameBadge™ has been used successfully by leading organisations:

  • National Sports Conference
• Real Estate Institute Conference
• HKABA Food and Wine Appreciation Dinner
• HSBC HKABA-SA Business Awards 2001
• HKABA-SA Good Morning Hong Kong Breakfast
• Status of Women Conference
• Marketing Week 2000/2001
• Australian New Zealand Sports Law Association

And many others!

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